HOLE 6  |  Par 3

Whites: 160 yds – S.I 14  |  Yellows: 150 yds – S.I 14  |  Reds: 142 yds – S.I 16

Whites: 160 yds – S.I 14
Yellows: 150 yds – S.I 14
Reds: 142 yds – S.I 16

6th Hole Plan - Haverfordwest Golf Club

Pro’s Tip

The first of 3 par 3’s  and the only one not guarded by water. Your tee shot needs to find the right hand side of the green here, as a severe slope will bring it back towards the hole.

You must be long enough, as anything short will catch the front slope of the green and find its way back down off the green.

Get your tee shot right here and you could be looking at a very good chance of birdie.