HOLE 17  |  Par 4

Whites: 321 yds – S.I 11  |  Yellows: 311 yds – S.I 11  |  Reds: 312 yds – S.I 15

Whites: 321 yds – S.I 11
Yellows: 311 yds – S.I 11
Reds: 312 yds – S.I 15

17th Hole Plan - Haverfordwest Golf Club

Pro’s Tip

With a blind tee shot, this slight dog-leg to the right offers a chance for some big hitters to drive the green here. Using the downhill slope and a slight fade, you could have an eagle attempt here! If you choose to play safe and hit an iron from the tee, you will leave yourself a short pitch into a very small target from a downhill lie. But beware, the small greenside bunker will catch any poor shots.