HOLE 13  |  Par 4

Whites: 449 yds – S.I14  |  Yellows: 435 yds – S.I 1  |  Reds: 303 yds – S.I 17

Whites: 449 yds – S.I14
Yellows: 435 yds – S.I 1
Reds: 303 yds – S.I 17

13th Hole Plan - Haverfordwest Golf Club

Pro’s Tip

The toughest hole on the course – A long,  slightly uphill, dog-leg left, where the landing area for the drive is very small and tree trouble to the right. You will probably be looking at a fairway wood for your 2nd! Staying away from the out of bounds and the ditch on the left is key, but don’t leave yourself too much work as the green is surrounded by large mounds making chipping more difficult. A par 4 is a very good score here