HOLE 14  |  Par 3

Whites: 150 yds – S.I 13  |  Yellows: 136 yds – S.I 13  |  Reds: 119 yds – S.I 13

Whites: 150 yds – S.I 13
Yellows: 136 yds – S.I 13
Reds: 119 yds – S.I 13

14th Hole Plan - Haverfordwest Golf Club

Pro’s Tip

The last par 3 – thought to be the toughest. A large pond lies in front and to the right of the green to catch any poorly struck shots. A small green means a small landing area from the tee, and anything near the front edge will more often than not find its way back down the slope and into the water. Long is better here, but be careful not to go too long or you’ll face a tricky downhill chip back towards the water!