HOLE 4  |  Par 4

Whites: 411 yds – S.I 2  |  Yellows: 400 yds – S.I 2  |  Reds: 355 yds – S.I 2

Whites: 411 yds – S.I 2
Yellows: 400 yds – S.I 2
Reds: 355 yds – S.I 2

4th Hole Plan - Haverfordwest Golf Club

Pro’s Tip

This is one of the toughest par 4’s on the course . Your drive will aim to find the narrow gap between the tree line, which will leave you around 150yards to the green.  The green is long and narrow   with run offs on 3 sides, you’re second shot must be accurate or you will face a difficult pitch shot. The long green can leave you with a lengthy birdie putt but a par is a very good score on this very difficult hole.