Haverfordwest-Wicklow Golf Twinning

In our centenary year of 2004 Haverfordwest Golf Club actively looked for other clubs celebrating their centenary of playing golf in their town for 100 years and to provide recognition of a great achievement. In 2004 Haverfordwest GC went to Wicklow, Southern Ireland early in the year and in return we entertained Wicklow GC at Haverfordwest later in the year. Currently, the fixture is now once a year, where we play golf for the Celtic Cross, but the friendship with our golfing friends in Wicklow has flourished and hence we twinned with Wicklow Golf Club. This means that members of Haverfordwest GC can play for free at Wicklow GC and vice versa. Although the golf is free, the most rewarding element is the friendship and the superb hospitality that Wicklow GC extends to us. At our most recent visit to Wicklow in April 2023, 12 ladies and 18 gentlemen of which 26 were golfers all enjoyed the fantastic hospitality provided by Wicklow GC. The Haverfordwest-Wicklow Twinning is a full club event were all members and partners are invited.


It has been suggested that to celebrate in 2024 our 20 year friendship and twinning that as normal we extend an invitation to Wicklow in April but we are also invited to Wicklow GC in early October 2024. We would then revert to alternate years, so in April 2025 we are invited to Wicklow GC. To entertain our friends from Wicklow to Haverfordwest we have offered Friday 26th through to Sunday 28th April 2024 and in turn Wicklow have offered the Thursday 3rd through to Saturday 5th October 2024.

With the continued support of members from both Wicklow and Haverfordwest golf clubs we will continue with this twinning which is of benefit to both clubs in celebrating friendship.

In the interest of golf,

John Rees
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email: reesthecroft@btinternet.com

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